Rosa, Fighting Temeraire has given birth to a Renaissance of Turner-esqe renditions, and a chance to buy an 'original' piece, by artists, like Turner, who passionately admire the masters that preceded them...

The Turner Rose experience is a world's first, unique collection of artistic renditions, based around the technical skills of JMW Turner in representing light & colour in the same way that the rosa Fighting Temeraire has complimented his best loved painting, by extending to sensory pleasures as well. Homage is paid to the concept of The Turner Rose, and various artworks are now available representing the varied skill of the painter himself: be that oils in renaissance brush, self portrait, sculpture and indeed a reflection of
what he is said to have feared, photography!

This special experience has been initiated by Carol Wilcox & Robin Haddon, in conjunction with John Houston of
Outside The Square Gallery, Margate,and encompassing a collection from a forum of highly acclaimed UK artists selected for their speciality in their chosen art format.

original works of art by Christian Furr, Mathew Penn, David Aldus, Dominic Grant, Irina Mcgahan and Anne-Marie Rymill..... will be available for purchase on 13th August 2011 by auction, and can be pre-viewed on this website for pre-auction bids, from 01 August 2011.
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